GMIC System Status

5/22/2023 4:30p – Our provider has indicated that the issue is resolved.  We will continue to monitor and ensure email delivery is working as expected.

5/22/2023 12:40p – Our provider has identified the issue and is working on a fix at this time.

5/22/2023 12:15p – Our email provider is currently experiencing delivery issues.  Individuals sending emails to email addresses may have delayed delivery or bounce-back messages.  We are tracking the issue as our provider is working on a resolution and will update this banner as we know more.

Status Monitor Name Uptime
up GMIC Express (Allpoints) 99.448 %
up GMIC Main Site ( 99.997 %
up GMIC Policyholder Portal ( 99.956 %
Updated at 7:27 pm

Uptime Status updates every 10 minutes. 

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For support, please contact us at: (262) 251-6680 and ask for GMIC Express Support.